19th SBMO – Brazilian Symposium of Microwave and Optoelectronics and the 14th CBMag – Brazilian Congress of Electromagnetism


Dear participants,

It is with satisfaction that the Brazilian Society of Microwave and Optoelectronics (SBMO) and the Brazilian Society of Electromagnetism (SBMag) welcomes the 19th SBMO – Brazilian Symposium of Microwave and Optoelectronics and the 14th CBMag – Brazilian Congress of Electromagnetism, which will be held at the Fluminense Federal University – UFF, with the support of COPPE/UFRJ. MOMAG is a biennial event and is being organized by professors of the Stricto Sensu Graduate Program in Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications of UFF – PPGEET, Stricto Sensu Graduate Program in Instrumentation and Applied Optics of UFF/CEFET-Rio – PPGIO, and Electrical Engineering of COPPE/UFRJ. It will take place in the period from August 4-7, 2020, at Fluminense Federal University – UFF.

It aims to largely address the areas of radio frequency/microwaves, optics and electromagnetism applied as the telecommunications as the electrical engineering, also including engineering education. It is a great opportunity for the exchange of knowledge between researchers, from different institutions, in one of the largest national events of and technological sphere, with articles from Brazil and abroad in this area. We will have presentations of works in the form of oral communication and poster, in addition to short courses and lectures of internationally renowned researchers working in those areas. Complete articles and articles with intermediate research results may be submitted, as in Portuguese as in English language.



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Desenvolvido por Emanuel Machado

Caros Participantes:

Em vista do contexto atual da epidemia do corona vírus (COVID-19), informamos que adiaremos o MOMAG 2020 por um período similar ao de suspensão das aulas na Universidade Federal Fluminense, ou seja, somente poderemos divulgar um novo cronograma do MOMAG 2020 quando o novo calendário da UFF for definido. Devido a isso, deixamos em aberto o período de submissões dos artigos e minicursos no MOMAG2020 até a  divulgação do novo cronograma.

Felizmente, o MOMAG 2020 foi planejado para ocorrer nas dependências da Universidade Federal Fluminense, o que nos dá liberdade de adiá-lo, sem maiores custos. No momento, manteremos a abertura das inscrições em 05/07/2020, seguindo o nosso planejamento inicial.

Não haverá cancelamento deste evento, somente um adiamento, portanto, encorajamos a todos a continuarem a submissão de trabalhos e a fazerem as suas inscrições, uma vez que isto não implicará em prejuízo para vocês em nenhuma hipótese.



Dear participants of MOMAG 2020:

In view of the current context of the corona virus (COVID-19) epidemic, we inform that we will postpone MOMAG 2020 for a similar period to the suspension of classes at Universidade Federal Fluminense. In other words, we will only be able to disclose a new MOMAG 2020 schedule when the new UFF calendar is defined. Because of this, we left open the submissions of papers and short courses in MOMAG 2020 until the release of the new schedule.

Fortunately, MOMAG 2020 was planned to take place on the premises of the Universidade Federal Fluminense, which gives us the freedom to postpone it, without major costs. At the moment, we will keep the registration open on 07/05/2020, following our initial planning.

There will be no cancellation of this event, only a postponement. Therefore, we encourage everyone to continue submitting papers and make your registration, as this will not result in any loss to you.